gopogo was set up following the nightmare travel journey that our CEO went through in 2015. He found out about the EU261 legislation and applied for his own compensation and found the whole process very hard to navigate and ended up guiding some of his friends through the process. Helping his friends out led to the creation of gopogo! 

Having been running for a while now gopogo has a high success rate for claims that it processes. We have found that airlines are much more likely to pay a claim submitted by us than one submitted directly by an individual customer. This is because the airlines know that we will take them to court if they do not treat the claim seriously. In fact a number of our successful claims are ones that customers have previously submitted to the airline and been ignored. 

How do we operate?

You submit your claim to us and our team of dedicated experts will navigate the maze that the airlines layout in order to get the claim. We take a success fee of 25% from the total compensation amount, but only if we are successful in pursuing a claim. If not then we won't charge a thing. 


We predominantly operate out of an office in London, but work with a diverse team that is spread out over several different countries to enable us to engage with airlines in each of these countries directly.